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About Us

B Active is about BEING YOURSELF no matter what size you are !

B Active was created by mother and daughter, Fiona and Alex.  We feel that women should embrace their size and feel great.  We want women of all sizes and shapes to be able to wear and work out in comfortable, light weight clothing.  Our plus size sportswear is made from advanced technological material that breathes, wicks away moisture and is so light and comfortable you will be amazed.

B Active is PROUD to say our SIZES RANGE FROM 6 to 22 and are in real sizes.  We have our logo embedded into each garment so you can be assured that you have received our high quality label.  We have designed our clothing so each garment has beautifully shaped lines that work with the body to give it a nicer line and hides all those bits on our bodies that we all hate, to give us a confident look so you can just BE YOURSELF  !

Are you tired of paying too much for quality gym wear? or can't find a larger size that is made from new advanced materials? What about having to pay extra because you don't fit into a small size? Our philosophy is simple no matter what size or shape you are you are entitled to feel confident and fantastic about yourself !


Be Fabulous  -  Be Active  -  Be Comfortable  -  Be Yourself !

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