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Perfect Portions

Are you choosing all the right foods but still struggle to lose weight? Have you been losing weight and have suddenly hit a wall? It might be your portion sizes!

Standard serving sizes have gradually crept up over the last 30 years. Muffins are so large they need to be sliced like cakes and biscuits have morphed into giant cookies. Even plate, bowl and cup sizes have increased dramatically. It is a constant struggle to eat perfect portions when there is so much confusion over what a serving size actually looks like. These larger portions we all fall victim to, mean we are consuming extra kilojoules or calories without even realising! And unless you also “UPSIZE” your time in the gym, this will prevent weight loss.

So what are the perfect portions?


food protions

Food Portions


Here are a few simple tips to help you limit some of the less healthy foods in our diets:

Make the Switch

There are many healthier (lower kilojoule) alternatives to the foods we enjoy. Explore the supermarket shelves and read the nutrition labels! Also buying pre-packaged items can avoid human error when it comes to measuring serving sizes.

Portion Your Plate

Next time you’re preparing your meals, take time to check that your plate is perfectly balanced and that one food group is not dominating the others. Use this easy plate model as a guide:

Measure, Measure, Measure

Using measuring cups and spoons can be a useful way to ensure your portions are not too heavy. Measuring portions every once in a while can be helpful to prevent your serving sizes from growing (we all know they tend to increase gradually over time, without us realising!!). Many people tend to underestimate portion sizes, for example estimating how much cereal is in your bowl can prove to be a challenging task. Next time you pour a bowl of cereal estimate how many cups you have poured out and then measure to check your accuracy. You may just be surprised!

If you don’t have measuring utensils there are other ways to keep your portions in check.

Beware of Takeaway

There’s no way around it, takeaway food is convenient. We all know that it is not the perfect option for our health but from time to time we all fall victim to its call. Whether the kids are begging for takeaway or there is no time to prepare dinner in your busy day takeaway is an easy choice. Although I do encourage people to avoid takeaway, there are some better choices available so that the occasional takeaway shouldn’t hinder your weight.

Some Better Choice Takeaway Options:

  • McDonalds 9 Tick Approved Meals
  • Sushi rolls or Bento Box
  • Subway 6’ Subs with <6grams fat
  • Filled jacket potatoes
  • Subway Salads
  • Fresh sandwiches
  • Vegetable Chow Mein or Vindaloo curry with steamed rice
  • K’babies – small doner kebabs without cheese
  • Red Rooster Portuguese Chicken with salad
  • Grilled fish and salad


A Little Extra Motivation -

Habits can be the hardest things to break! Think about a habit you use to have and never thought you would able to let go. Now think about how you broke that habit.

To break unhealthy habits like that 4 0’clock chocolate craving, that glass of wine with dinner or that bag of chips you enjoy with your favourite TV show, it’s all about never giving up trying to change those habits. Attempting to lose weight is not an easy feat and requires breaking the habits you have developed over time. It usually takes more than just one attempt to break bad habits and you should expect slip ups every now and then. But do not let the fall backs dishearten you.

If you don’t give up you cannot fail!!

                             Eat well, stay healthy and Bactive!

                                               Courtney Thornton

                                             Accredited Practising Dietitian




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